The First Step to Success with Inostudio Solutions

08 July 2011

We didn’t have time to write about the last passage of final qualifying works as another important event took place: The end of practice in Inostudio Solutions for students of in their fourth year of study at Southern Federal University.

Over the span of seven weeks, the students listened to a course of lectures that encompassed the elaboration of web-applications on ASP.NET MVC base. Additionally, the students applied their knowledge to various small web projects.

The first day of practice was full of various events. It began with an organization meeting where the students toured the Company’s office, got acquainted with its curators, and learned in detail how to pass their practice.

A week later, after the practice was underway, there was a party devoted to the Inostudio Solutions’ 5th anniversary! All of the trainees were invited to participate as full-fledged colleagues! As a token of Inostudio’s appreciation, all employees and trainees were awarded diplomas and received symbolic gifts. Those two days of celebration allowed all of us to bask in the presence of good company, positive energy, and fresh open air.

Then, it was time to get back to work.

Our trainees diligently spent the rest of their practice writing thousands lines of a code, asking hundreds of questions, and sending tons of letters. We are satisfied with the results of their final qualifying works and are confident that our participants are pleased as well. Now we are looking forward to start working with the best trainees as full member of our great team.

Oleg, the 4th year of studying in Southern Federal University

“I heard a lot of good things about the Inostudio Solutions Company from my fellow students who had worked there before their practice. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to spend an externship in the company. The opportunity exceeded my expectations! I have received enormous experience working with different software products. Not only that, I received qualified and skilled support from the experts at Inostudio Solutions. I only regret that I didn’t join the company sooner!”

Andrei, the 4th year of studying in Southern Federal University

“During my practice passage I liked the atmosphere in Inostudio Solutions. I felt as if I was the full-fledged colleague (full employee) and the most important thing was that they shared their knowledge, invaluable experience and skills. Practice in Inostudio Solutions is definitely a first step to becoming a skilled IT expert.”

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