23 December 2010

On December, 20th the “9.99” application was released for the Android platform, giving tourists and business travelers around the world access near-instant currency conversion.

Prior to the release of 9.99, people who went abroad often faced a problem involving the conversion of prices for goods and services in restaurants, shops, and the like. The problem was extremely difficult for travelers who had to try and convert currency with pen and paper.

9.99 changed that.

The 9.99 application is a time-saving currency converter that allows a user to simply point the face of their phone to a price in question and almost instantly receive its equivalent in his or her native currency. The application is simple, and extremely easy to use.

To begin, a user is asked to choose a couple of currencies under their name or country. Then the application suggests to update a course using the Internet or by setting the value manually. As a result, the user can walk around a supermarket or look through a menu in a restaurant and, using 9.99, instantly get the same prices in native currency just by directing the phone’s camera to the price.

TRY IT - it is very convenient!

The site: 9-99.mobi.

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