Inostudio Solutions. From Russia with code and design.

Welcome to Inostudio Solutions - a leading provider of Internet-systems and customized application software.

Inostudio - originally a studio of interactive design - is made up of a talented group of global companies all of which are focused on giving best services to our clients and partners.

Inostudio Solutions adheres to international production standards and provides clients with high-quality products. We assume responsibility for every aspect of software production - from performing the initial system study to design and development and, finally, implementation and training.

No magic – just knowledge, experience and talent from Inostudio's team of professionals! We manage the most challenging projects and bring them to success – hand in hand with our clients and partners.

Inostudio proudly follows an open manpower policy - based on an evaluation of professional capacity and implementation. As a result, we offer employees equal opportunities for career growth, high motivation for the professional excellence, and we assure the material well-being and stability of our staff.

Yes, we are an employees-oriented company. We recognize that the key to the company’s success comes from our creative team members. Thus, we have established the innovative capital fund “Inostudio Projects Team” - which gives team members the opportunity to develop concepts and ideas at the expense of the company on terms of intellectual partnership.

As part of our Talent Improvement Project - training within the company is continuous. We welcome university students to our training programs free of charge: either on a competitive basis or by personal invitation. The most promising students are eligible for scholarships.

We reach our goals in a professional and ethical manner.  We are responsible and we love what we do.